Youth Programs 


Shakeel Ali, the founder of A.S.K. Academy, (Alternative School of Knowledge) and creator of the Stop Bullying System, said, “Bullying happens to students perceived as different.” Ali is working with BACHAC to make tools and strategies available to students so they can prevent bullying and promote peace in their schools and communities.

Ali’s organization works with students holistically to create a peaceful, welcoming, empathetic environment for all, no matter what their differences may be. The program is comprised of five components:

  • Building a climate of respect

  • Drafting a “respect for all” policy, and training peer leaders

  • Protecting yourself from online bullies, predators, and scam artists

  • Building an e-personality that will not interfere with scholastic and life goals

  • Building rapport so students feel safe and respected by all and effective communication

The program is enjoying success, as students begin to incorporate anti-bullying strategies in their schools.

BACHAC also works with churches that have adopted healthy eating and lifestyles as a mission. Like children who have other ‘differences,’ larger children often have to cope with bullying. Our programs assist churches as they fight size discrimination and promote nutrition and fitness.