The Bay Area Community Health Advisory Council (BACHAC) is dedicated to eliminating health disparities across generations and diverse communities through education and services.

Since our founding in 1995, BACHAC has worked with corporations, mid- and small sized companies, community-based organizations, nonprofit health organizations, governmental agencies, health educators, institutions of higher learning, and the faith community to create a village united around a common goal: increasing awareness of and reducing the debilitating effects of health concerns that disproportionately affect communities of color.

The BACHAC story is one of growth, outreach and success. Started as a grassroots volunteer effort, we have a long record of accomplishments. Today, we are recognized as a go-to resource for individuals, families, medical practitioners and others in the Bay Area and a model for improving health throughout the United States.

Highlights of Accomplishments and Programs:

  • Annually, more than 40 members of the committee and countless volunteers contribute more than 20,000 hours of volunteer time to BACHAC’s activities and programs.

  • More than 15,000 individuals are influenced every year from BACHAC’s outreach and educational programs resulting in thousands of lives saved each year.

  • Sponsor annual Off to a Good Start physical activity program.

  • Supported by more than 40,000 community partners and a network of nearly 20 area churches.

  • Developed a growing network of church liaisons that brings health information to their congregations and encourages participation in screenings and events.

  • Created church tool kits containing a growing library of Afro-centric health information.

  • Provide annual breast cancer education, prostate cancer screenings and education, and several other Health Screenings.

  • Sponsor Soul Stroll for Health each May, a community walk and health fair promoting good nutrition and physical activity.

  • Provide free mammogram screenings at Mills-Peninsula Breast Center one Saturday each month for uninsured women.

  • Offer exercise classes, free flu vaccination clinics and free vision screenings.

  • Provide cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure screenings and educational programs.

  • Provide First Aid, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Earthquake Preparedness training.

  • Serve as consultants to help others in the Bay Area and around the country develop community outreach efforts and conduct Soul Stroll events.